Editorial Message

Since its inception in 2012, the Cyrus Institute of Knowledge has held nine annual meetings. Six years ago, we published the first volume of its flagship journal titled “Cyrus Chronicle Journal (CCJ): Contemporary Economic and Management Studies in Asia and Africa,” in conjunction with the 2016 annual conference. In 2021 after careful review, evaluation, and deliberation we concluded that a broader global perspective for the title of this journal would be more appropriate. CIK has become a global organization and participants in their conferences and papers that are submitted are global. In addition to the journal and conferences, CIK is focusing on offering post- doctoral positions at the institute. The aim is to advance young doctoral students’ research capabilities through collaborations with more experienced CIK scholars. This kind of work is at the heart of the CIK mission. All parties will gain in this process and will advance knowledge. Additionally, CIK is planning to publish books in the domain of its focus. Therefore, we welcome inquires and support in these domains.