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In this study, we examine the viability of a Community Based Resource Management (CBRM) model to enhance the tourism industry. CBRM is a bottom-up model, which proposes active engagement in decision-making by stakeholders, especially local communities. The model currently implemented in most developing countries is top-down, wherein central governments are in charge of all decision-making without deliberate engagement of all stakeholders.

The focus of this empirical study is on Egypt, Iran, Morocco, and Turkey (EIMT). All four countries have rich historical sites and prospects for advancement of their tourism industries, which could inherently bolster their economies. A survey was developed and disseminated through email. The resulting sample is considered to be ‘expert’ due to respondents reported international travel frequency. Additionally, approximately 80% of respondents have graduate degrees. Our empirical findings support core aspects of the CBRM model, which shows that active engagement of local persons and businesses helps in the protection of historic landmarks as well as fortifying each country’s tourism industry.