Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Responsible Management, and Sustainable Economic Development.

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Welcome to the Homepage of the CIK 2015 Conference!

Dear Participants in the April 24-26 CIK 2015 Conference at Harvard University,

You made the conference very successful by your active participation and engagement. We hope your expectation about the below stated objectives of the conference were met.

  1. Sharing scholarly studies in areas Responsible Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation in an Era of Global Change,

  2. Contributed to the Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the regions of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia,

  3. Shared CIK’s purpose in advancing intellectual atmosphere by generating theoretical and applied knowledge in management sciences, and

  4. Created conducive networking environment among scholars, practitioners, philanthropists, and others.

Thank you and consider yourself now as part of our network!

  • Date: April 24-26th, 2015

  • Location: Harvard University Campus (Radcliffe Inst.), Cambridge MA 02138

Preferred Topics of Interest

Entrepreneurship; Innovation and Development; Business Development and Governance; Natural Resources and Sustainable Development; leadership and Cultural Characteristics; Women and Business Development; Higher Education Institutions; Ethics and social Responsibility; Institution and Development; Organization and Cultural Issues.

General Topics

Accounting; Economics; Finance; Information and Communication Technology; International Business and Cultural Issues; International Economics, International Finance; Marketing; Project Management; Statistics; Strategy; Decision Science; etc.

CIK flagship journal, the Cyrus Chronicle Journal, leadership is organizing workshop sessions in which young scholars from the region are brought together with senior scholars. Young scholars present their ongoing research at the workshop, and senior scholars provide feedback and help the research agenda of young scholars, with the aim of producing publishable articles. This activity will be conducted face-to-face and virtual.

Senior Scholars in attendance

  • Professor Tagi Sagafi-nejad, editor of the Cyrus Chronicle, and Professor Emeritus, Loyola University Maryland
  • Professor Farok Contractor, Rutgers University
  • Professor Michael Quinn, Bentley University
  • Professor Massood Samii, Southern New Hampshire University
  • Professor Bahmani Oskooee, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Conference Executive Committee

  • Dr. Nader Asgary – President of CIK and Professor of Management and Economics, Bentley University,
  • Dr. Gabrielle Bedewi – Member of CIK Board of Directors and Advanced Analytics Practice at Ernst & Young,
  • Dr. Shariar Khaksari – Member of Board of Director of CIK and Professor of Finance, Suffolk University,
  • Dr. Massood Samii – Member of Board of Director of CIK and Professor and Chairman of International Business department, Southern New Hampshire University