Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Responsible Management, and Sustainable Economic Development.

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Welcome to the CYRUS Institute of Knowledge (CIK) conference:

“West-Meets-East: Exploring Sustainable Development, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Opportunities.”

We hope you enjoy the intellectual discussions and networking environment the conference provides. Thank you for your participation.

CIK acknowledges the significant contributions of Bentley University, HULT International Business School, Southern New Hampshire University, and Suffolk University.

The main objectives of the conference are:

  1. Exploring Sustainable Development, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Opportunities in the regions of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia,
  2. Sharing CIK’s purpose in advancing the intellectual atmosphere by generating theoretical and applied knowledge in management sciences and economic development,
  3. Creating a networking environment and inviting scholars, practitioners, philanthropists, and others with interests in the values and mission of CIK to become involved. Consider yourself now as part of our network!

Additionally, we are introducing The Cyrus Chronicle as CIK’s official publication. The Chronicle will focus on management sciences, economics, and related cultural topics. Given the evolution of globalization and critical importance of the regions, this will be a great platform for an exchange of idea.

CIK is a forward looking think-tank, and The Cyrus Chronicle would serve as a highly visible platform for meaningful communication relevant to affirmation regions. CIK’s vision, “to cultivate the discourse on human capital potentials for better living,” is the appropriate response to current challenges facing the region. Professor Tagi Sagafi-nejad will be the editor for the Chronicle. He is ex-editor of International Trade Journal and formerly the Radcliffe Killam Distinguished Professor of International Business and Director and Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade. Our aim is to make The Cyrus Chronicle a high quality publication.

Conference Executive Committee

  • Dr. Nader Asgary, President of CIK and Professor of Management and Economics, Bentley University
  • Dr. Gabrielle Bedewi, Former Global Demography and Segmentation Leader, Nielsen Measurement Sciences/Population Centre of Innovation
  • Dr. Shahriar Khaksari, Professor of Finance, Suffolk University
  • Dr. Massood Samii, Professor and Chairman of International Business Department, Southern New Hampshire University

The conference cosponsoring international institutions:

  • Bentley University
  • HULT International Business School
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Suffolk University