Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Responsible Management, and Sustainable Economic Development.

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Welcome to the CYRUS Institute of Knowledge (CIK) conference:

For your convenience note the important information points below:

  • Technology: Latest technology (Video, Audio, and Laptop) is available for your presentation. Having a memory stick should be enough.

  • Conference Location: 1 Education Street Cambridge, MA 02141, USA—across from the Museum of Science ( walk across the bridge, Cambridge side, to Hult IBS.

  • Parking – Only during Saturday and Sunday free parking spaces are available in HULT parking garage. Once in parking area, identify yourself as a CIK conference participant. Space is available based on first come first served.

  • Registration – Once in 1st floor of HULT/EF Education Building, a HULT memeber will welcome and direct you to the registration area.

  • FYI-Hotel Marlowe’s Address is: 25 Edwin H. Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA 02141 United States. Reservations: (800) 825-7140(800) 825-7140, Phone: (617) 868-8000.

Looking forward to seeing you!